Making Sustainable Design…Sustainable!

PlanIT Impact is a smart modeling platform to help building professionals better understand and improve performance, so owners, investors, and communities can better visualize project impacts and return on investment. Click on our video to learn more!

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Request a demo below to see why these firms have chosen PlanIT Impact to drive performance- and efficiency-related decisions:

MEP Engineers & Architects

  • Save money and time
  • More efficient, intelligent, iterative process
  • Higher-quality product
  • Make the case for resourceful design solutions
  • Achieve improved building and site performance


  • More efficient process delivering a quality product
  • Informed and holistic approach to resource allocation
  • ROI insights to help define ProForma: building performance, tax incentives, infrastructure costs, and quality of life


  • Healthier, happier citizens
  • Meet environmental goals such as reduced energy or water use
  • More efficient use of financial resources
  • More targeted and intelligent tool for constituencies
  • Leverage collected open data

The Process