AI in Design: Q&A with our founder and CTO

By Dominique Davison / April 1, 2019
  PlanIT Impact is the first tech firm in the AEC industry to leverage AI to enable easy, fast, collaborative, and smart design of more efficient buildings. Our energy module, driven by our Discovery Assistant, employs a Machine Learning (ML) model, which is a type of AI, to suggest optimized design strategies that balance energy [...]
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Three Easy Guidelines for Deepening Your Firm’s Sustainability Practice

By Dominique Davison / March 11, 2019
I’m an architect, but I’m also the owner of a small firm. In my 20+ year career I have worked on projects of a wide variety of scales and typologies throughout the country. Trained at UC Berkeley and Yale School of Architecture, two of the top architecture schools, I’ve had the privilege of working with [...]
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[Webinar Recording + Q&A] Streamline 2030 Commitment Reporting With PlanIT Impact

By planitimpact / February 28, 2019
In this webinar, our experts showed how you can speed up calculations for your project’s energy use and streamline your 2030 Commitment reporting with PlanIT Impact. This 45-minute video recording of our February 14 webinar explores: The challenges of fulfilling AIA’s 2030 Commitment An intro into PlanIT Impact’s ability to simplify and speed calculations A [...]
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How do you measure the productivity of creativity?

By Dominique Davison / February 4, 2019

Architects constantly strive to challenge the status quo and inspire connection in the spaces we create, but as the old adage goes: Rome wasn’t built in a day. The creative process takes time, but in today’s tech landscape, this process can be accomplished faster than ever before. A recent Architect Magazine article, “Can Technology Solve […]

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Introducing project design energy reporting to the AIA 2030 DDx directly through PlanIT Impact.

By Dominique Davison / December 18, 2018

As principal and owner of a small architecture firm, my team and I struggled to find the time and resources to be able to fulfill the AIA’s 2030 Commitment. It wasn’t that we weren’t trying to. We were very supportive of the industry’s effort to raise awareness and share critical information around the impact of […]

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Bridging the gap between believing in and achieving sustainable design

By Dominique Davison / August 28, 2018

Today 90 percent of architects, engineers and construction industry professionals believe that sustainability is important. That’s the finding of an independent survey that we conducted with more than 3,000 industry professionals.   Clearly, people care about the impact our industry has on the planet, including our clients. Yet, despite that pervasive belief, the New York Times reports that […]

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Building Better Outcomes: How PlanIT Impact Can Impact Your Bottom-Line

By Dominique Davison / July 30, 2018

As a principal of an architecture and urban design firm, with 20 years of experience in the industry, I have guided my various clients through some very important and expensive investment decisions. However, we face some of the biggest challenges around advising on sustainability and long term operational cost decisions. “What HVAC systems should we […]

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KC Digital Drive: Kansas City companies win 3 of 21 gigabit app awards so far

By Dominique Davison / April 27, 2018

By: Startland Staff, | April 27, 2018 Two Kansas City startups each recently earned $10,000 awards through a program promoting gigabit app development in the metro. A third firm won previously. OnTimeSocial and PlanIT Impact were among 11 companies honored this spring by US Ignite, which seeks to leverage networking technologies to build stronger smart communities. In Kansas City, US Ignite […]

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Why do building performance benchmarking for your clients, even if they don’t ask for it?

By Dominique Davison / December 7, 2017

I have been practicing in the building design and construction industry for over 20 years and something I have seen over and over again is a pigeon-holing of project types into two categories – those that are sustainable and those that are not. The design team classifies the client in the same way – those […]

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Client Impact

By Dominique Davison / June 30, 2017

There’s Value in Less Like you, I constantly strive to deliver more value to my clients. According to a recent industry survey, 72% of respondents anticipate increased investment in energy efficiency or renewable energy in the next year. The drivers for this are many: lower building operating costs, marketing value, tenant demand, and regulation are […]

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