Client Impact

By Dominique Davison / June 30, 2017

There’s Value in Less Like you, I constantly strive to deliver more value to my clients. According to a recent industry survey, 72% of respondents anticipate increased investment in energy efficiency or renewable energy in the next year. The drivers for this are many: lower building operating costs, marketing value, tenant demand, and regulation are […]

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Global Impact

By Dominique Davison /

Building Professionals are Addressing Sustainability Early. Here’s Why… Buildings are a huge part of our lives. We spend about 90% of our lives inside of them. They form our cities and shape the public realm. An entire industry of professionals are involved in how the built environment shapes our day-to-day activities. Architects, engineers, urban planners, […]

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Our Mission at PlanIT Impact

By Dominique Davison / December 13, 2016

OUR MISSION at PlanIT Impact is to Enable Sustainable Design to be as Affordable, Accessible, and Achievable as Possible… let me break that down and explain further what that means for us. Affordability has been something that has not typically been associated with sustainability. Though the USGBC reports that approximately 20% of commercial projects are benchmarking […]

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