PlanIT Impact hires new CEO to expand company footprint, continue market-leading innovation

By planitimpact / March 1, 2021

Industry and startup veteran will take over day-to-day oversight from founder KANSAS CITY, Mo. (Mar. 1, 2021) — Moving into its next phase of growth, PlanIT Impact has hired a new CEO. Brett Krug will take the helm in leading day-to-day operations of the building analytics software platform March 1. Founder Dominique Davison will move […]

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PlanIT Impact unveils new energy-saving features to enhance customer value and building health

By planitimpact / December 16, 2020
Software platform now includes data to reduce carbon footprint of highly consumptive data centers KANSAS CITY, Mo. (Dec. 16, 2020) — A building analytics software platform geared toward enabling carbon neutrality is unveiling new features to help architects, engineers, developers and property managers design and build greener structures. PlanIT Impact’s artificial intelligence-driven technology delivers cost-benefit [...]
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PlanIT Impact for Revit: Easy and Fast Model Prep

By Dominique Davison / January 28, 2020
Challenges with Building Performance Technology Solutions and 3D Modeling When it comes to building performance technology, a wide variety of tools have been developed all serving different purposes.  Whether a designer is evaluating daylighting, energy use, utility costs, embodied carbon, water use, thermal comfort, etc…. There’s a different solution for everything! One challenge that has [...]
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Measuring Carbon Impact with PlanIT Impact

By Dominique Davison / December 9, 2019
Can you calculate carbon impact in PlanIT Impact?  Users can leverage the energy use results and free tools from the EPA to calculate carbon impact from energy saving design measures. Keep reading to see how it’s done. Calculate the Energy Savings for your Proposed Design To use the EPA calculator, you need to know the [...]
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Five Stages of a Sustainability Driven Design Firm

By Dominique Davison / December 5, 2019
*This article is adapted from a report by Ogilvy, Making Brands Matter for the Generations to Come.  Many of the core concepts have been adapted by PlanIT Impact to apply to the problems architects have in addressing sustainability. Ogilvy recently published Making Brands Matter for the Generations to Come, a report written to help brands [...]
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[NEWS] PlanIT Impact Launches New SMART Stormwater Module for Landscape Architects

By Dominique Davison / November 12, 2019
PlanIT Impact Launches New SMART Stormwater Module for Landscape Architects. Accesses Jain Irrigation's dynamic weather API to get 10 years of data for optimizing green design. In the wake of LAF’s New Landscape Declaration and as the 2019 ASLA Conference on Landscape Architecture kicks off, PlanIT Impact has launched a new software solution leveraging the [...]
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Corporate Social Responsibility and THE MAJOR BIG OPPORTUNITY for Architecture and Sustainability

By Dominique Davison / October 3, 2019
Across all industries, brands are choosing to be a force for good by recognizing Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). A few motivations are driving the movement: In order to continue to thrive and maintain profitability, brands recognize they have an important role to play in a changing social and environmental landscape.  CSR helps brands be resilient [...]
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The “Why” Behind Our Stormwater Module

By Dominique Davison / September 4, 2019
When it comes to stormwater management, there are many “pull” factors that pressure landscape architects to elevate the performance of their designs: Increasingly, cities and municipalities require designers to evaluate GI solutions for handling portions of rainfall events in addition to social benefits that green space provides. SITES Certification rewards and encourages GI and achieving [...]
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Three EASY Steps to Meet the AIA 2030 Commitment

By Dominique Davison / August 28, 2019
With the roaring 2020s just a few months away, the AIA 2030 Commitment is about to move the needle closer to it’s ultimate Carbon Neutral goal. For new building, development, and major renovation projects, the energy use reduction goal will increase from 70% to 80% below the regional average for that building type. Source: architecture [...]
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Introducing The Stormwater Module for Landscape Architects

By planitimpact / July 25, 2019
ATTN: Landscape Architects PlanIT Impact just released a major upgrade to the Stormwater module!  Check out what’s new by logging into PlanIT Impact or requesting a free live demonstration. What to expect: Discover design strategies that improve stormwater and irrigation performance. Begin with the design rainfall event and desired maintenance cost goals.  PlanIT Impact discovers [...]
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