Client Impact

By Dominique Davison / June 30, 2017

There’s Value in Less Like you, I constantly strive to deliver more value to my clients. According to a recent industry survey, 72% of respondents anticipate increased investment in energy efficiency or renewable energy in the next year. The drivers for this are many: lower building operating costs, marketing value, tenant demand, and regulation are […]

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Global Impact

By Dominique Davison /

Building Professionals are Addressing Sustainability Early. Here’s Why… Buildings are a huge part of our lives. We spend about 90% of our lives inside of them. They form our cities and shape the public realm. An entire industry of professionals are involved in how the built environment shapes our day-to-day activities. Architects, engineers, urban planners, […]

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Setting LEED Goals with PlanIT Impact

By Dominique Davison / March 6, 2017

The feature image shows just how easily a PlanIT Impact score translates to Energy Optimization points for LEED (Table 1 is from the USGBC LEED Credit Library). Because LEED is so widely-recognized as a benchmark for building performance, at PlanIT Impact we often field questions regarding our suitability for the LEED certification process. While PlanIT […]

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Integrative Design with PlanIT Impact

By Dominique Davison / February 27, 2017

LEED has been a proponent of the Integrative (Design) Process now for many years, encouraging teams bring in the entire consultant and ownership group to work though the project considering all systems and create a road map. This requires more time up front during Pre-Design or Schematic Design phases, but the intent is that it […]

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