Client Impact

By Dominique Davison / June 30, 2017

There’s Value in Less Like you, I constantly strive to deliver more value to my clients. According to a recent industry survey, 72% of respondents anticipate increased investment in energy efficiency or renewable energy in the next year. The drivers for this are many: lower building operating costs, marketing value, tenant demand, and regulation are […]

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PlanITImpact Scores, explained…continued

By Dominique Davison / January 23, 2017

As a continuation of the previous posting on PlanITImpact Score, we will be focusing on the Stormwater Impact Score and Water Use and Cost* next. This score is in response to the Pre-development condition overall site perviousness, vs the Post-development condition site perviousness.  The goal is not to further burden the city’s infrastructure and encourage […]

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The PlanITImpact score – Priorities for Performance are Locally Determined

By Dominique Davison / January 13, 2017

Growing up in the Bay Area of California, the bumper sticker of “think Global, Act Local” was a frequent siting on the bumper of the car ahead of me (ironic, I know). But this is a sentiment that has stayed with me over the past 20 years in the architecture industry. And the idea became […]

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