Integrative Design with PlanIT Impact

Dominique Davison / February 27, 2017

LEED has been a proponent of the Integrative (Design) Process now for many years, encouraging teams bring in the entire consultant and ownership group to work though the project considering all systems and create a road map. This requires more time up front during Pre-Design or Schematic Design phases, but the intent is that it saves the project time and money during the Construction Documentation phase and thus would be a net win for the team.

We are big proponents of the Integrative Process. PlanIT Impact is designed to act as a helpful tool to gain critical insights during the Pre-Design or Schematic Design phases and enables the team to come away from their initial design charrettes with better solutions. Rather than sharing ideas and best practices and establishing project goals, iterations can be explored for the design in real time, the results seen instantly, allowing for a clearer roadmap with an underlying financial basis to this decision making. Without the layer of cost impact, any decisions made at the early phases have the potential to be upended, counteracting the importance of the Integrative Process. The team can leave the initial charrette with a report of goals they plan to achieve and a scheme that indicated how to reach them. 

The current release (v1.4) readily supports the integrative process, but the upcoming release of v2.0 in early March will expand our capabilities by providing more financial insights, including ROI and Simple Payback data, for design iterations that can be saved and compared side by side. 

We also understand that Integrative design does not end with the first project charrette. Consistent communication must be maintained throughout the project, where the project goals are frequently being revisited and calibrated.  Because PlanIT Impact can be shared across the Cloud with consultant team members, updates and video conference meetings can easily be enhanced to adjust inputs as more data becomes available and review the project’s updated reports within minutes.

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