Introducing The Stormwater Module for Landscape Architects

planitimpact / July 25, 2019

ATTN: Landscape Architects

PlanIT Impact just released a major upgrade to the Stormwater module!  Check out what’s new by logging into PlanIT Impact or requesting a free live demonstration.

What to expect:

Discover design strategies that improve stormwater and irrigation performance.

Begin with the design rainfall event and desired maintenance cost goals.  PlanIT Impact discovers the best combination of surface types, water capture strategies, and irrigation types for your project.

Visualize stormwater, irrigation, and cost impacts.

Understand the impact each proposed design strategy has on runoff, irrigation, and upfront costs.

Lean on QuickClimate for easy and fast climate data.

Save time finding climate data for projects. Easily integrate accurate  climate data with PlanIT Impact’s QuickClimate tool.

Strategize for maximum SITES points potential.

Set the project on a path forward for achieving SITES points.

Say “Goodbye” to tedious spreadsheets.

No. more. spreadsheets. HALLELUJAH!

Want to learn more?

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