Lots of architects, engineers and consultants don’t include an energy assessment in the building design process because it’s difficult and time-consuming. It’s often unbillable time that your customer doesn’t pay for and doesn’t impact design decisions. Your energy assessment tool needs to keep up with the speed of your design process.

Everyone has data, you need Answers, not Data. Data needs some expertise to assess. We embed that expertise to help ask the right business questions to get to the answers around building materials ROI, sustainability, and ongoing operating costs. The PlanIT Impact Discovery Engine allows users to create a building energy assessment based on their energy consumption and costs goals.

Energy and resource efficiency makes economic sense, so that is how we present it to you. PlanIT Impact shows the opportunity for operational cost savings over time. This allows you to make an informed design decision that saves energy and money, that may not cost anything.

And because you’re not the only one in the process, PlanIT Impact encourages collaboration across architects, engineers, and building owners by supporting multiple accounts and multiple project views that allow multiple groups to actively participate in the design process through sharing data.

  • Compatible with Revit and Sketchup
  • Custom Utility Rate Data
  • Supports ASHRAE and IECC Energy Codes
  • Custom Energy Calibration
  • ROI Payback Period
  • Discovery Engine
  • Reporting