With PlanIT Impact’s energy module, you can…

Perform energy modeling on every building project.

Achieve more efficient building designs that deliver maximum ROI.

Communicate the true value of energy reduction design strategies.

Collaborate with each project stakeholder at the onset of a project.

Streamline reporting for the AIA 2030 Commitment.


First, input the building geometry, location, baseline code, and building program.

Next, run PlanIT Impact’s Energy Discovery Engine. Set an energy use goal and let PlanIT Impact do the rest of the work with finding the best design strategies to meet your goals.

Finally, evaluate each option that the Energy Discovery Engine has discovered.  Suggested design strategies are broken down by energy savings and added building costs.  The output comparison table and Energy & Cost Chart helps to visualize and understand the following:

  • The estimated energy savings of each design strategy.
  • How much each strategy will cost to implement.
  • The expected payback period for when a building owner will see a return on the energy reduction investments.

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