With PlanIT Impact’s stormwater module, you can…

Achieve high performance landscape designs for managing stormwater.

Incorporate green infrastructure (GI) while balancing maintenance costs, irrigation, and stormwater fees.

Communicate the business case for GI to building owners and developers.

✓  Eliminate tedious spreadsheets for sizing runoff reduction strategies.

Secure more SITES Points for Irrigation and Runoff.


First, input the Site Conditions.

Next, run PlanIT Impact’s Stormwater Discovery Engine.  Set a Design Rainfall Event and desired goal for maintenance costs. Let PlanIT Impact do the rest of the work with finding the best design strategies to meet your goals.

Finally, evaluate each option that the Stormwater Discovery Engine has discovered.  Suggested features are broken down by runoff and irrigation performance and construction and maintenance costs.  The output comparison table and Site Features & Cost chart helps you visualize and understand the following:

  • The estimated impact each site feature has on stormwater management and costs.
  • How much each strategy will cost to implement and will impact expected maintenance costs.
  • The expected impact on runoff resulting from each site feature.

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