[NEWS] PlanIT Impact Launches New SMART Stormwater Module for Landscape Architects

Dominique Davison / November 12, 2019

PlanIT Impact Launches New SMART Stormwater Module for Landscape Architects.

Accesses Jain Irrigation’s dynamic weather API to get 10 years of data for optimizing green design.

In the wake of LAF’s New Landscape Declaration and as the 2019 ASLA Conference on Landscape Architecture kicks off, PlanIT Impact has launched a new software solution leveraging the Jain Unity Weather API for landscape architects to answer to the growing need for resilient stormwater infrastructure.

PlanIT Impact’s Stormwater Application equips landscape architects with stormwater performance, irrigation, and cost data needed to make better design decisions.  By leveraging rainfall data from the Jain Unity Weather API and harnessing the power of Artificial Intelligence, landscape architects can save time and strengthen the value brought to every project.

With PlanIT Impact’s Stormwater Module, landscape architects can…

  • Discover the best combination of site materials, water capture strategies, and irrigation to balance performance and cost.
  • Find robust rainfall data for today and the future with the Jain Unity Weather API.
  • Benchmark stormwater and irrigation design performance.
  • Supplement decision-making and project deliverables with comparative graphics and tables.

“PlanIT Impact, working closely with landscape architects, knows that real-time and forecast weather data is essential to designing high-performance green, water-efficient landscapes. We’re very happy to partner and support them in predictive modeling for optimal stormwater design through integration of the Jain Unity weather API into their planning tool,” said Richard Restuccia, Vice President Water Management Solutions, “Our dynamic weather API, including ever changing data from temperature and humidity to wind speed and solar radiation, has been a critical feature in the ETwater by Jain smart irrigation control product that’s helped our customers save billions of gallons of water over the last 15 years. Together PlanIT Impact and Jain Irrigation share a strong commitment to software development for sustainability and making easily accessible new levels of intelligence and insight that powers landscape architecture precision.”

Dominique Davison AIA LEED AP, Managing Principal of Draw Architecture + Urban Design and founder of PlanIT Impact echoes similar sentiments, “Landscape Architects are uniquely positioned to solve today’s environmental and social challenges regarding carbon emissions and stormwater; Green Infrastructure offers up a double win with tackling both issues.  AND by doing it in a cost-effective way with trusted climate data, you are strengthening the value your practice brings to every project and every client. 

That’s what we’re bringing to the table with PlanIT Impact – a fast and easy way to find cost-effective resilient design strategies.”

From the very start of a project, PlanIT Impact is most useful in guiding design decisions and providing trusted rainfall and performance data to start the conversation around green infrastructure.  On through detailed design and beyond, it can continue to be used to benchmark design performance.

PlanIT Impact is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform and is sold as an annual subscription or as single project credits.  ASLA members receive 1 FREE project.

Come meet us at the ASLA Conference on Landscape Architecture Expo – Booth 1551 for PlanIT Impact and Booth 2252 for Jain Irrigation.


About PlanIT Impact

Driven by a need for better cost and performance data as design decisions are made, PlanIT Impact is an Artificial Intelligence based Web Application for building and landscape architects to simplify sustainability.  PlanIT Impact offers a fast, easy, smart, and collaborative way to design sustainable buildings and landscapes. Driven by cost and performance factors, designers are equipped with the design guidance needed to achieve a carbon neutral future.



About Jain Irrigation, Inc.

Jain is a fully integrated global food/plant production company recognized by Harvard Business to be one of five global sustainability champions and the G-20 for lifting people out of poverty. Our irrigation manufacturing capabilities include everything from behind the pump to the flush valve at the end of the lateral and everything in between including drip irrigation. We lead the industry in manufacturing technology, owning both our extrusion and mold manufacturing equipment providers. Jain leads plant science research globally across a variety of food crops and is staffed with some of the world’s leading research scientists. With the Gandhi Library, Jain now houses the leading collection of the world’s best plant science knowledge in a single facility. Our agronomic knowledge is integrated from our world-class tissue culture operations through our food processing businesses. We research, educate, advance, manufacture, finance, propagate plants, and purchase produce for processing all in an effort to fulfill the Jain mission, “leave this world better than you found it.”


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