[Webinar Recording] Improve Efficiency, Maximize ROI, and Learn How to Pay for It

Dominique Davison / June 13, 2019

In this webinar, presenters from CleanFUND, PlanIT Impact, and Lark Consulting introduce financing options for efficient buildings AND new design technology solutions for finding design strategies that balance efficiency, cost, and ROI. 

Build more trust and collaboration with your clients. Leverage new ROI-based building performance tools during design AND learning about financing options for efficiency improvement projects.

Watch this 60-minute video recording of our June 11 webinar to learn how to:

  • Find the most effective energy and water reduction strategies, know how much they will cost, and know when your client will see a payback.
  • Identify opportunities for your clients to leverage C-PACE Financing to secure easy and affordable capital for projects.
  • Work more collaboratively with building owners and developers to create more sustainable buildings.

Who should watch this webinar?

  • Architects, designer, or engineers who want to understand the financing side of the AEC industry and learn about easy to use tools for analyzing energy efficiency and estimating upfront costs and ROI.
  • Building owners or developers who are looking for solutions to find the best building efficiency design strategies that maximize ROI so that capital investments translate into the maximum benefit, and who are looking for financing solutions for capital improvement projects.

Would you like a full demonstration of PlanIT Impact? Contact Alyson Hallander at ahallander@planitimpact.com.

Other contacts:
CleanFUND – Vanessa Gerber vanessa.gerber@cleanfund.com
Lark Consulting – Brian Handshy admin@larkllc.co


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