[Webinar Recording + Q&A] Streamline 2030 Commitment Reporting With PlanIT Impact

planitimpact / February 28, 2019

In this webinar, our experts showed how you can speed up calculations for your project’s energy use and streamline your 2030 Commitment reporting with PlanIT Impact.

This 45-minute video recording of our February 14 webinar explores:

  • The challenges of fulfilling AIA’s 2030 Commitment
  • An intro into PlanIT Impact’s ability to simplify and speed calculations
  • A live product demonstration of PlanIT Impact, delving into the analysis and reporting workflow
  • Q&A

Who should watch this webinar?

  • Anyone who wants an easier, faster way to conceive, measure and optimize your project’s energy performance.
  • Anyone who is looking for an easy and fast solution to satisfy the AIA 2030 Commitment reporting requirements.

Questions? Contact Alyson Hallander at ahallander@planitimpact.com.

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