Under pressure to move faster under tighter budgets, architects can shy away from sustainability. And if you’re an architect, you know exactly why.

  • “The process is tedious and it’s a time-suck.”
  • “I’m not an expert in energy remodeling, and I don’t want to be.”
  • “I don’t see the value.”

What you don’t know is that PlanIT Impact has developed a platform that changes everything.

Establish energy and utility savings in minutes, not hours.

We don’t expect you to be an expert in energy modeling. Our software tool is intuitive and easy to use, and it gives you the answers you need at the speed of design.

Integrate our software tool with the ones you’re already using.

We know you have the tools you trust – so keep using them. PlanIT Impact integrates with tools like Revit and Sketchup so you’re comfortable and confident in the technology you work with every day.

Become a greater value architect and asset to your client.

Cost is the main metric for building owners and property managers. It’s time for you to speak their language and become a part of the energy and utility savings conversation up front.