As an engineer, you know building materials. You know how lights, insulation, HVAC systems and windows impact overall utility consumption and ongoing operating costs. You know that 20% of decisions impacts 80% of design, and that you should be involved in the earliest conversations of a new project or renovation.

You also know that nine out of 10 times, that isn’t the case. By the time engineers come to the table that 80% of design decisions have already been made, leaving a small window to impact change when it comes to utility consumption and operating costs.

PlanIT Impact’s (PI) software platform was created to fix that exact problem engineers face project after project.

PI brings engineers to the table early on to collaborate with architects, energy modelers, consultants and building owners.

Our platform makes it easy for all building professionals involved to work together early on, so you don’t have to redesign and rework decisions that inevitably slows the pace of the project.